Funkiest Music Vids (Part One)

HEADS UP! Here we go again my funky-fried monkey brethren. As promised with this ongoing musical saga of obsessive list-o-mania compiling that mags like Q & Classic Rock have helped themselves stay in print from (well, that & an aging readership). I hope to have gathered at least another half dozen superbad muthas for Part Two following soon.

Grand Central Station (Larry Graham) – POW! Live on Soul Train

Frankly this bass is what’s officially known as ‘off the motherfreakin’ chain’ right up there with Fishbone’s Bonin’ In The Boneyard which coincidentally I couldn’t find an accompanying video for. Not one which does justice anyroad.

Tower of Power – Only so much Oil in the Ground (Live @ Montreux Jazzfest 07/12/06)

Yup indeedy folks! Alternate sources of power really must be found! Environmental pleas never sounded more gospel backed by mad Hammond skillz.

Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop (Live in NYC 1973)

Fullblown freakflags flyin’ in an all-out sensory assault with Godfather movie billboard in the background – how these acidhounds weren’t banged up the moment they hit the streets I’ll never know! When seeking out Clinton & Co. gold its always quite hard to find live videos which are a sensible length for upload.

Cameo – Talkin’ Out The Side of your Neck (Official music vid)

Politically charged funk from their She’s Strange LP with the ultimate brass break & guest starring those bank robbers from Point Break.

The Bar Kays – Holy Ghost (Live on Soul Train)

Hot damn! This really does feel like being born a second time – the kinda church I can testify, dig?

Kings Go Forth – One Day

Signed to David Byrnes’ Luaka Bop label & touring with Hot 8 should win them a place alone but no favouritism is required for the greatest backing band Curtis Mayfield never had (although Black Wolf had recorded in his studio with The Essentials).

As always any suggestions for Part Two would be most welcome…