Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Griffin? Warning: opinionated blogger at large on something of an anti ‘column-filling-gotta-reach-the-wordcount-rant’ rant…phew!

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke (although I’m sure women have felt equally powerless)

The BNP’s first member of mixed ethnicity (in their eyes) – step forward one half-Turkish Mr. Lawrence Rustem (http://www.redaction.org/wwwboard/msgs5/6642.HTM) was beaten up by another party member mere weeks after being paraded around the PR circuit as proof the organization has widened its ethnic recruitment drive/appeal ten years ago. More recently black BNP members have been permitted despite apparent uncertainties as to their ‘indigenous’ origins or the ‘black underclass’ Nick Griffin fears will burn this country to the ground. Why is all this highly unsettling? Pray read on…

“Significant numbers of decent, especially Christian West Indians are taking themselves and their young lads back to the stricter discipline and staple society of their homelands” Mr. Griffin was quoted as saying on his recent youtube video response to David Starkey’s Newsnight comments regarding the widespread riots. Presumably he is indicating that so long as patriarchal rule and western religious dogma is practiced then families are British enough for him. He continues “How much longer must we cruelly pretend that feral youths bought up on a diet of gangster rap, chip-on-shoulder indoctrination about slavery and an obsession with ‘respect’ and guns are ever going to fit into our society?”

"I think i missed my stop"

Presumably he’s trying to address African-Caribbean adolescents to which the obvious answer would be “When you start treating them like they have any part in it Nicky boy”. I guess no-one told him gangster rap is 20 years past its sell-by date meaning all my mates who grew up (not literally thank fudge) with NWA, Enter the Wu-Tang, West Coast G-funk et al. are at least 30 by now. Alas contemporary sub-cultures such as grime, dub-step and drugs named after cat noises would only dumbfound the podgy Marty Feldman-eyed archetype of athletic national purity. Slavery, quite like losing to your son at swingball repeatedly, takes quite a while to forget and mentally overcome when for many families it is still within living or recorded memory.

Then he actually uses the term ‘serious adult debate’ which nails the lid firmly shut on the coffin of irony. He THEN envisions a giant burning cross the length and breadth of the British Isles which none too subtly reasserts our (again in his eyes) Christian heritage. This tag peppers all his speeches and conveniently overlooks the fact the most British Muslims share a sense of community and solidarity with their home country through tolerance and common courteousy – ask them next time you get the chance. How can anyone truly trust and endorse a figurehead who can’t even pronounce basic words sufficiently like ‘proven’ as ‘pro-ven’ and ‘communal’ becomes ‘cominal’.

Bigotry, racial fear-mongering and insighting prejudice to divide Britain based on arbitrary ancestral ethnic bloodlines has long been the BNP’s sole aim and policy. Ultimately we’re all from African descents so it really does depend exactly how far back genealogists are willing and prepared to trace. Still I suppose every UK citizen should have their family tree mapped by government Gestapo units at astronomical cost to our economy before we can really feel safe and certain that our money’s only being accidentally stolen by colonialist-descent purebred stock that can follow their families roots back to Brutus of Troy.

Rivers of blood have and will not run. The recent riots and lootings were not rival gang warfare but merely gross status acquisition with several London boroughs wanting their piece of capitalist pie denied them (in their own minds) for too long. Clearly David Starkey can’t make any sense of who is of which racial origin anymore including London MPs and he’s been a social & constitutional historian for almost 30 years (leaving the rest of us little hope allegedly). To try and summarise his point all I could muster was that Enoch Powell was completely right in one sense but was also completely wrong???  

‘Mad’ Melanie Phillips of Zie Daily Hiel (to credit the paper’s original title during Mosley’s fascist 30s) has espoused her philosophical dribble (no doubt backed by her paper’s thorough statistical background checks) that just about everyone else is to blame but whinging frigid morally-bankrupt harpies who threaten biblical dominion over a youth they never once stop prattling on like a broken dishwasher full of slugs and disgusted bile to hear out or comprehend – how very Christian. From reading her columns she must have a head like a half-eaten old termites nest with a moldy jam sandwich brain slapped on its roof. Don’t even get me started on Richard ‘You-couldn’t-make-it-up-unless-you’re-me’ Littlejohn.

Of course capital punishment-pushing 50-somethings who inhabit gated mansions in rich rural counties tend to have regular contact with street-level community development initiatives. Socio-economic issues such as an apparently ‘black underclass’ becomes a self-perpetuating demographic if reminded enough with no eventual loyalty to the system that heartlessly holds their heads barely above water. Thatcher’s imprint of dismantling care and all other social support but the welfare state still looms over us predatorily like an apocalyptic albatross with a swollen ego complex. Still, nothing to lose sleep or taxes over on the real-life Midsummer Murder set of dreams.

There you have it – my two cents for what they’re worth. Thanks for taking the time imaginary readers.