About me by the man who knew him best: me

Hobbies include: Pubs with chubby cats, local istreh n coalture in Nottingham aka Hoodtown, interesting beermats and unscrewed foamy ale taps, Prince & the music thereof, uploading albums onto i-tunes whilst becoming moronically absorbed into the blinding white light (the online equivalent of tesco shopping which can now be done online like everything else besides washing), looking like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider whilst also wearing a t-shirt of said programme, Freddie Mercury’s Queen, environmental issues/community projects, trying to seek out books which I naively think could never be adapted into films by any director worth his toffee, visiting cemeteries with famous interments, dark/alternative tourism (the demise of Derrick Bird, cocklepickers & Cockermouth infrastructure), answering emails entitled ‘rock hard’ thinking they may be from bandmates only to find they relate to erections, cycling like a bastard along canals narrowly avoiding aggressive mother swans, performing Simply the Best ungoaded & far too early at metal karaoke bars, comparing the latest apple i-pedo digiware to sanitary ladies items during job interviews, KATE BUSH, falling asleep in the rubble of abandoned building sites (only on a student basis), bluffing my way into ale aficionados inner sanctums, wiggling the ears of my ladylove, awaiting Thatcher’s imminent last breath, holding my niece less like a cat’s neck (thus the circle completes itself)


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