Songlists of Ladies Names – D


Daniella – John Butler Trio

Written for his newly-wed sweetheart, this is a groovy-stringed plea to always remain faithful & earnest.


Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

This wailing beauty can be summarised in two words; Jennifer Batten! As heard with Prince’s Bambi last week this is another electrifying performance taken up a notch.


Dinah – Fats Waller

Not quite so dirty but bouncy bawdy swing from the 300-pound Harlem Ivory-tickler nevertheless.


Dolly Dagger – Jimi Hendrix

Interesting backstory to this one; reportedly about George Harrison’s wife who drank the blood of a cut Jimi acquired after breaking a glass bottle?


Oh Donna – 10cc

Their first single was allegedly a parody of ‘doo-wop’ songs and mimics The Beatles’ Oh Darling.


As ever, Prince has multiple options with Ballad of Dorothy Parker or Dinner with Delores as well as The Cocteau Twins’ Donimo


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