Can I Play “Doctors & Nurses”? The Medical Terminology/A & E Ward Playlist

I know that last post I said I was going away and I might be some time. That assertion has proved correct thanks to being laid off after 17 days as a foreman’s treemonkey. Alas more on that experience when I can distil it more accurately in writing with new useful yet crap quality photos.

Meanwhile in a Nottingham top floor bedroom somewhere across town a young man has devised another themed playlist for your delectation. Inspired by the fact that our band (Cosmic Funky Nuts if you still somehow don’t have it etched onto your sizzling retinas by now) have recently performed a couple of gigs at a maximum security mental clinic in Clifton where behind no less than 7 doors & with every musical possession accounted for we try to engage inmates with the uplifting power of funky rhythm. Often for them to reply “D’yer know any Boomtown Rats?” so in that spirit here are 12 classic choices for a surefire prescription from whack ass groovistitis:

Robert Palmer – Bad Case of Loving You (Simply Irresistible choice)

Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick (BELCH! “I won’t live long I’m full of rot” oh if Mark Arm only knew then the trajectory & length his musical life & career would take)

Gloria Estefan – Dr. Beat (long before Mylo, she was once credible ya know? Don’t jump Gloria, we CAN ease your pain)

Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop (lyrically simple yet deadly – I defy anyone to resist singing along)

Foreigner – Hot Blooded (Check it & see they really can still bring the noise)

UFO – Doctor Doctor (As covered by Maiden in tribute, here they’re at their mid-70s peak with Michael Schenker before he ventured deep into his own fundament)

The Police – King of Pain (The only single from Syncronicity with no accompanying vid, best live version I could find)

Richard Cheese – (Down With) The Sickness as heard on Dawn of the Dead remake

Pixies – Broken Face (Black Francis sounding like a crazed surgeon with Tourettes)

A Perfect Circle – The Nurse Who Loved Me (“She’s got everything I need, roxtopography keys. She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys” Aaaaah)

Dr. Octagon – General Hospital/Waiting List (Slam Dunk! Double points!)

The Cat Empire – One Four Five (“He said listen to this daily with hipshakin’ & such things then he puts a record on grabs the mic & starts to sing…”)

Adam & The Ants – Physical (Bollocks to Olivia Newton John Travolta with her health fascism bastard pink & hi-vis lycra. I don’t wanna hear anybody’s body talk least of all hers however this grinding meaty classic b-side is all about deeper bodily exploration as covered by Nine Inch Nails…)

Mr. Bungle – Carry Stress in the Jar (What happens almost 5 minutes in on the album version no human brain could ever hope to comprehend…a poorly hidden secret track)

The Icarus Line – Last Night All My Teeth Fell Out (Obscure Award Winner from their debut EP although obviously more dental related. This vid stars pirate penguins for reasons probably best left unknown)

Any further suggestions will be gladly noted & included…


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